Star Wars Saga Edition: Rise of the Sith


The Zabrak swings his pick at dark stone tunnel before him. He always comes to the same place to carry out his mining duties. He never really knows why he always picks this spot but its as though it calls to him, or maybe he enjoys it because it tends to keep most of the other prisoners away. He thinks of it as his own dark corner of the mines. As he hears the guards yelling, CLEARED STONE IN THIS CART! STYGIAN CRYSTALS IN THIS CART! AND ANYTHING ELSE FOUND SHOULD IMMEDIATELY BE BROUGHT TO A GUARD’S ATTENTION!” He thinks to himself, Anything else that is found? There isn’t anything down here but dirt, rock, and the occasional stygian crystal. This common set of phrases drifts in to the background as he thinks back to how he has spent the last year in this “prison” work camp on Aeten II.

The prison work camp, as it is called, is accurately a prison work camp except that it takes in other individuals as slaves to work who are not actually under any type of prison sentence; those who are not serving a sentence but made a move against the wrong enemy.

The routine is pretty standard. Wake up each morning at first alarm, or get woken up by a stun baton. After everyone it’s awake and standing by their beds a head count is preformed by the guards. From there, everyone is given a bowl of morning gruel, more like cold morning slime.

After morning slime, everyone is sent from the dorm to the mines. Each prisoner is handed a pick axe as he enters. He is expected to mine the in the poorly lit subterranean tunnels.

The Zabrak has learned to tell who the lawful prisoners are because they receive medical treatment and breaks, since they have “rights.” The other way you can who is being held here as a slave is the warden’s special treatment.

Warden Head, a fat lazy slob of a human, is in charge of the facility. He takes to torturing the prisoners as a form of punishment, but it is clear that he achieves a sick sadistic pleasure from this torture. The Zabrak has been the victim of this torture on many occasions.

As he remembers each painful torture experience it fills him with anger. He is escorted in to the office by the two armed guards. The Warden has them put his wrists in the shackles hanging from his ceiling and his ankles in the shackles attached to the floor. He has the guards wait outside the door. He shuts off the video surveillance in his office. Then he pulls out the torture tools, various knives and other implements of pain. He brags about how his office is sound proof and that no one can hear what is happening. He starts asking questions about whether the Zabrak tolerance for pain is truly higher than the other species. He asks if his two hearts beat more quickly during the torture. He isn’t the only victim of this torture, the Warden looks for excuses to “privately punish misbehavior” of the prisoners.

The Zabrak thinks further back, as to how he arrived at this place. The fateful mission where he was hired as a distraction. He was just supposed to disrupt the ship so the boarding party could kidnap the girls for a good ransom. He disrupted the ship, the boarding party arrived, to capture the girls. The boarding party showed up like a well oiled machine and had everything under control… for a few minutes when the next boarding party arrived.

They came in and slaughtered the first boarding party and rescued the girls. They captured the captain and the Zabrak. They landed on another planet where he saw on of the girls run to a cloaked man and says, “Daddy, you saved us!”

He and the captain were sent to this prison camp as slaves. The captain was killed within a few weeks of arriving at the prison in one of the regularly occurring fights.

Suddenly he hears the sound of his pickaxe hitting metal…


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